DJH Marketing Communications is a many-faceted network of experienced specialists with expertise across a wide range of marketing and communications disciplines.

When a client engages with DJH Marketing Communications, they’re adding well-honed PR and Content Marketing capabilities to their team. In fact, most programs usually go far beyond that. Our results-oriented approach means we focus intently on using our capabilities to help our clients reach specific business goals and objectives, and in pursuing such, we like to push the commonly assumed boundaries of what a traditional public relations engagement entails.

⇒ Measurable PR & Media Relations Campaigns

We secure editorial coverage for our clients. Global, national, local, online-only, print newspapers, broadcast media, magazines, wire services, bloggers – whatever helps the client reach their business objectives.

 Influencer Campaigns

We devise and execute programs to identify and target individuals with influence over potential buyers and other stakeholders.

⇒ Content Development & Digital Publishing 

Custom content for publication on web sites. Deliverables include everything from search-friendly static page copy, blogging, case study development, white papers, landing pages, press releases.

⇒ Video Production

Video is a powerful tool that enables our clients to deliver valuable information and strong calls-to-action across multiple mediums. We offer full-scale production services.

⇒ Social Media Marketing/ Community Management

We establish clients’ presence on social media, then create and strategically deliver  content in a platform-specific way.

⇒ Media & Presentation Training

Preparing our clients for a variety of situations and events where delivering clear and concise key messages is crucial.

⇒ Brand Positioning

We develop and facilitate workshops for our clients to develop brand positioning messaging that articulates their product’s unique value in relation to the competitive landscape.

⇒ Writing and Editorial Services

Collaborate with clients to ideate, produce, publish and distribute guest columns, bylined articles, press releases, corporate bios and more.

⇒ Paid Media – Creative, Buying & Planning

We work closely with a network of highly vetted and trusted partner companies and firms to provide these types of services to clients.


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