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FireKing MediaVault


When FireKing Security Group, one of the premier security and loss prevention companies in America introduced the MediaVault HD, it represented the company’s most significant new product launch in over 40 years.

The B2B sales force needed external reviews and recognition around the MediaVault HD in order to build credibility and penetrate the product channels. DJH was tasked with conceiving and executing a PR and content marketing program that served to demonstrate without a doubt that the product will perform as advertised and get the industry talking about the importance of onsite secure hard drive storage. A secondary factor was the fact that FireKing was about to seek significant outside capital, and it needed to show potential investors that despite the fact that the majority of its business was tied to products designed for the protection of physical paper-based vital records, the company had substantial” growth prospects — including a strategy for entering the digital records protection category, and the company was counting on the initial early reviews and perceptions among media and influentials regarding the MediaVault HD would play a large role in that effort.

DJH carefully researched and compiled client a list of influentials across several industries, including consumer electronics, business continuity/disaster recovery, records management and office supplies and coordinated shipment of the product in order to generate 3rd party reviews. DJH also approached trusted reviewers with online video production capability and distribution and encouraged a hands-on demo to be recorded and uploaded on the web, an offer that was accepted by CrunchGear, TechCrunch’s blog covering gadgets and computer hardware.




Over the course of the program, numerous product reviews were published, including the video demonstration on CrunchGear.

The Results

The sales team was able to successfully add the product to the various channels, where it performed adequately, and the company shortly thereafter secured over $100 million in financing, enabling it to continue progressing along a path toward a digitally-based records protection firm.

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