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When the cash handling company Loomis launched SafePoint®, a comprehensive cash handling solution to retailers and other commercial enterprises, it soon became clear that the market opportunity for the product was immense.

Yet Loomis faced a serious challenge: the competition had enjoyed a signifigant head-start into the market along with a more established brand and larger geographical footprint.

DJH Marketing Communications, Inc., began a PR and content marketing program in order to promote the benefits of the SafePoint product and Loomis expertise in the industry.

DJH secured from the client a list of early end-users from across the spectrum of retail and restaurant categrories who had adopted the SafePoint solution, then proceeded to gain the end-users’ trust to the point where DJH would interview the end-user, draft an end-user case study to be used for both content marketing (i.e. sales collateral, trade show material, brochure contents, etc.) as well as story-angle generators for PR efforts.

Each end-user case was written to highlight the solution’s effectiveness in objective, quantifiable terms.

Over the course of a year-long program, a plethora of SafePoint end-user case studies were conecieved and completed by DJH on the behalf of Loomis, concurrently, dozens of articles based on these case studies were pitched to and ultimately published by all of the key trade publications that reach the audience comprising of SafePoint’s target market. During this timeframe, the competition forewent PR and content and instead relied on advertising.

The Result?

Armed with a continous flow of new content (case studies) and PR results (articles) the SafePoint sales and business development team was able to achieve achieve a phenomenal 96% revenue growth in one year over the previous years prior to the engagement with DJH Marketing Communications, Inc.

According to John Rhoads, Loomis’ then-Vice President Business and Product Development for SafePoint, “the bottom line is that the efforts of DJH Marketing Communications, Inc. played a key role in the success of SafePoint, now the flagship treasury product for the $1.6 b global cash management company.”

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